With electrification we are trying to offer our customers reliability and advanced organ functionality.  It is possible to electrificate pneumatic and  mechanic organ as well. Electric tracture is in comparison with pneumatic tracture much less sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, which leads to stability and prevents tone hanging and malfunction. Moreover it offers higher comfort to organ player by faster respose and by many advanced functions. Reliability is guaranteed by using industrial parts, which leads to comfort run for decades.

Features of electric tracture

Player accounts

        By separation of memories it is enabled to organ players to keep his own settings independently from other players.

  • Support for 4 and more accounts
  • Support for more than 100 memories for each account


       Pistons allows to save and quickly restore register configuration by clicking just to one button.

  • General thumb pistons
  • Locked thumb pistons(TT, MF…)
  • Divisional pistons
  • Reversible pistons
  • Toe pistons


  •  2’, 4’, 16’
  • Manual bass coupler
  • Manual tenor coupler
  • Unison off

Memory stepper and sequencer

    By pressing single buttons + or – it is possible to move in stored memories. This feature allows player during performance change stored register configuration very quickly.

Full graphics display 

    To allow even bigger control over organ and its features, organ player can set various parameters. For example it is possible to set swell engine steps, check memories and much more.

Logging using RFID

    Using RFID tag, organ player set imidiately his settings and logs into system.

Ability to separate console from organ

     In case that tis not possible to use wiring in room where organ is, or if is necessary to move console around we offers wireless connection between console and organ. It is also possible to use multiple consoles.