Repair and manufacture  of organs and organ music is our business for 2 generations. It begins with love to music from grandmasters of organ music and continues with endless interrest to knowledge of organ itself. We became students of master of all music instruments. Out tutor was well known organ builder from Nitra – Otakar Vážanský. In his workshop and on his work we learn secrets of intonation, tuning, crafting and repairing of this magnificent instrument.
Later on, we extended our focus on electrification of organs and in cooperation with INICS company we have developed our own electric organ system. This system offers to organbuilder full controll and diagnostics of organ on site.

In simple words we are trying to bring organ to 21st century and keep it to next generations.

Our main focus are 3 things:

Repairingmanufacturing and electrification.

Please check our success in reference